Tuesday, May 7, 2013


“Atheists teach people in the developing world to dig wells instead of praying for rain. They provide reliable contraception to the mother at her wits’ end trying to raise 8 children rather than telling her to thank god for the ninth.

Only the inadequate still believe in god. They lack the ability to make the leap from faith to evidence based intellectual thought and evidence based conclusions. Faith actively prevents you from seeking real answers. None of gods exist outside the realm of the human imagination. To believe in something that is not true is a lack of self respect.

Atheists find the coincidences that led to our existence amazing, and the way the natural world around us has evolved utterly incredible. There is awe and wonder in the material world which when described lucidly exceeds that previously described by religion- and it is obviously a place in your heads you go to draw strength, inspiration and find intrinsic meaning.”– Imtiaz Hussain Mahmood.


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