Friday, January 18, 2013

Women and Religions - Orthodoxy

Part 5 Orthodoxy


In the modern world, motherhood, alas, is no longer perceived as the main purpose of women. A modern women desire to succeed in politics, business, science, often subordinates everything else. Such changes can not affect men and families, and society as a whole.


In the end, the state of these things of these changes – is destroyed, or, conversely, human relationships are established. And here, in order to better understand the present and to assess the future, you should look to the past.


Some men like to joke that the woman created from the rib – the only bone that does not have a brain. But this joke is hardly a distinctive with The Hebrew word “intact”, which in Russian Bible translated as “rib”, also means “part” and “face.” In this particular case – the emotional and sensual face, a fine mental organization, which features a woman. With this example, we can not prove the superiority of men as much as the reverse. Even the establishment of women due to the fact that the mere existence of the first person is not yet the finality of creation, it is not good for a man to be alone (Genesis 2:18).


Emphasized and respectful, respectful treatment of women in Christianity has little to do with contemporary feminism, trying, I think, consciously or unconsciously, to erase the natural differences between men and women.

Women and Religions - Orthodoxy

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