Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Women and Religions - Judaism


Status of women in contemporary society has changed significantly. But the current situation should be taken very carefully: it has a lot of events, sometimes not even having the right to exist.

For example, modern society allows women to participate in all the affairs with men. But the injustice to women is that while it has yet to run the household, to give birth and feed their children. Mankind has lost a lot of emotional and mental strength because it does not provide women with the opportunity to develop. Oppression – an injury to all of us.

At a conference in Paris, the chief rabbi of France, said: “In Paris, the rights of women is more than enough, but we were not able to solve the problem of respect for him, we have not reduced the number of battered women has not decreased the number of prostitutes or complaints of sexual harassment.” By this he meant that one provision of legal rights can not radically improve the situation of the weaker sex in society.

10 years ago, a feminist-minded lady offered to draw up a program of action to achieve equality for women. She could not do it, because had not been able to explain what really wants. Help religion there can not be comprehensive because of its conservative nature. First of all, you need to know to women themselves for their release.

Usually a man says that his house for him is always the last word. Do you know what the last word of a man? “As you wish, my dear!” In Halacha are some situations in which women are given fewer legal rights than men. These laws violate the rights of women, because sons are paid, and daughters do not. But Halacha says that in such a situation, a certain amount is allocated to equip daughters. And after that the inheritance is distributed further. Thus, ensuring daughters – it is not part of the inheritance. Rights unmarried women go to the inheritance. It is a mechanism that provides for a minimum of security.

Women and Religions - Judaism

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