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Women and Religions - Islam

Part 1 – ISLAM

There is nothing more perfect than what Allah has laid on women of a certain biological and social functions: the ability to conceive, give birth, nurture and be the guardian of the hearth. But the man – to take care of the family, for the physical well-being and increase your wealth.

Proper family relationships provide welfare and happiness, stability and tranquility. A man can not do the work of women and their responsibilities, as well as a woman can not carry things entrusted to man. And if one of the spouses forgets or neglects his duties, the community of interest is being lost, spiritual intimacy – it leads to the breakdown of family ties. Produces one unit of behavior that we see in Western countries, where lost deep strong family ties and traditions, where each family member is not limited by any rules and regulations. Everyone lives spiritually in isolation from each other, and how he wants, and control over their lives, honor and dignity. Such freedom of men and women postpone independence imprint on the style of family life – no responsibility to anyone. And the modern woman loses former moral purity and chastity, the simple notion of female honor, and is presented only as a commodity that can be bought or sold.

You can not deny the objectivity that a woman in the Middle Ages had to experience the humiliation, harassment and contempt. There were even times when the weaker sex is excluded from the human race, and was referred to the evil elements. Well, the highest peak of the oppression reached when the man saw a woman – home attribute and object of pleasure. It can be bought or inherited. With the advent of Islam to the woman was returned to self-esteem. Man must take care of her, to do their duty to the family.

Islam stands for a kind of family control. The Holy Qur’an is full of verses, which affirms the right of women in her worldly affairs, relationships, worship, decisions and evidence in the mundane and the afterlife. The Messenger of Allah (sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) read in his farewell sermon at Arafat Hajj. He said: “Treat women well, indeed they are your wife, nothing else you do not own. In addition, they make explicit debauchery, and if they will make it, avoid their bed, and they were not hit very hard. And if they obey you, do not seek a way against them. And he said: “Who is the best his temper, in the belief that better than other believers, and the best of you is he who is good manners to his wife.”


to be continued….

Women and Religions - Islam

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