Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Women and Religions - Catholics


 The Roman Catholic Church especially revere the Virgin Mary – the mother of Jesus Christ. It is in the Vatican but declared missing in Orthodoxy and Protestantism tenets. In 1854 – the immaculate conception of the Virgin Mary in 1950 – its bodily ascension after death. In addition, in March 1987, was published the sixth encyclical of Pope John Paul II «Mother of the Redeemer.” In it, as once the paintings of famous painters, the image of Mary appears as the ideal of true womanhood, endowing epithets “blissful”, “affectionate” … It is interesting that even in the XIII – XIV century Dominican monks singled out such features of the Virgin Mary as the submission and humility. It is no by accident, according to the Christian faith, that humility is the foundation of the female ideal. In turn, John Paul II also emphasizes obedience and uncomplaining faith with which Mary took his mission, responding to the scene of the Annunciation: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to your word. ”

In recent decades, the Catholic Church leadership very often makes statements about the status of women that  meet the requirements of modern justice. But the Catholic Church does not give women the right to be priests. In addressing this question, the Catholic Church says: a woman can not serve as a spiritual guide, since no scripture or theology does not give any reason to change the existing tradition. The most important argument against is the fact that Christ is no woman among the 12 included his closest disciples. In addition, the priest, in the understanding of the church, serves as the deputy of Christ, so it is unacceptable doe the woman to fulfill this role.

The main field of activity of religious women in the Catholic notions  -  is to create “domestic church”, as well as the education of children in a religious spirit.

Women and Religions - Catholics

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